Open The Creaking Door to a cabinet of curiosity, where you may venture to discover a myriad of botanics, neo-victoriana and a little treat of whimsy.

I called my shop "The Creaking Door" because although Jane Austen didn't have a study in which to write her novels, she did have a creaking door which allowed her privacy when writing "Persuasion", "Emma" and "Mansfield Park". She never had the swing door fixed, because when she heard it, it allowed enough time to file away her papers or hide her notes under blotting paper. I love the idea that a creaking door was of help to Jane Austen rather than an annoyance and that it helped protect the secrets of her work.

sacred space ornament

My road to making hand-made jewelry and decor was born out of a secret obsession with second hand objects, antiquities, tiny microcosms and the natural world. 

All of the treasures I use in my creations have been collected with the utmost thought and consideration. Where possible I prefer to upcycle materials diverted from landfill or use organic inclusions from renewable sources. Many of the flowers, fungi and leaves I use are sustainably grown in my own cottage garden and where collected in the wild, are carefully foraged, with permission, so as not to diminish the natural environment. No living creatures are ever harmed as a result of my designs and any insects, shells and starfish have been carefully hand-picked by myself after they have naturally expired. 

There is no better chemist than Mother Nature, and I only use eco-friendly resin that is derived from plants and trees with a low carbon footprint and reduced power and water consumption. I also aim to lessen the environmental impact of my work by only using plastic-free recycled packaging which is where possible, also biodegradable. 


Allison Giguere